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Inequality and the biosphere

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Defining tipping points for social-ecological systems scholarship—an interdisciplinary literature review


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Cascading regime shifts mediated by water
Cooperation in the face of thresholds, risk, and uncertainty
Inequality and the biosphere
Uncertainty can help protect local commons in the face of climate change
Mapping Social Ecological Systems Archetypes

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Regime shifts are large, abrupt and persistent changes in the structure and function of ecosystems. Examples include the shift from …

Large and abrupt changes in forests, coral reefs and Arctic sea ice are driven by climate change, food production and urbanisation. …



Behavioural experiments in social-ecological systems with thresholds

How does people behave when dealing with situations pervaded by thresholds? Imagine you’re a fisherman whose livelihoods depend on a resource on the brink to collapse, what would you do? and what do you think others will do?

Cascading effects

Imagine a regime shift occurs. How do you think it effects the likelihood of other systems tipping over?

Hacking Sustainable Diets

What is a sustainable diet?

Regime Shifts in the Anthropocene

What are the main drivers and consequences of regime shifts globally?

Targeting Agricultural Innovations

Mapping social-ecological systems in the Volta Basin

Upscaling the Resilience Assessment: comparing cases in the Arctic

Juan explores qualitative methods (QCA) for upscaling the resilience assessment to large regions operationalising the concept of adaptive capacity to better understand what conditions enhances community resilience in the Arctic. Learn more in the Arctic Resilience Report. Picture by Markus Trienke - travelling the Inuit way


  • Methods for studying social-ecological systems (forthcoming at PECS - Mexico)
  • Regime Shifts (2010-2015) at the Stockholm Resilience Centre