The regime shifts database

Regime shifts are large, abrupt and persistent changes in the structure and function of ecosystems. Examples include the shift from forest to savannah, the shift from coral dominated to algae dominated reefs, or the weakening of the Indian monsoon. The regime shifts database is an open online repository of information about regime shifts around the world. It is like a Wikipedia of regime shifts, where scholars have been reviewing and synthesising scientific papers and translating them into a comprehensive collection of literature reviews that summarises the main causes, consequences and mechanisms underlying these phenomena. Only regime shifts that impact the benefits people receive from nature have been included; as well as regime shifts where evidence of mechanisms exist, or that occur on a time horizon relevant for managers. If you want to learn more about regime shifts, browse the visualisation below. Each dot is a literature review of a generic regime shift (orange) or case study (blue). By clicking on each point you will find a link to each literature review in the database, where you can learn more about these phenomena. If you would like to contribute, suggest new regime shifts or use the database for your research, do not hesitate on contact me. If you want to read more about how the database was developed, how you can use it or contribute, we recently published a paper in Ecology and Society where the comparative framework is described 1. I will be updating this visualisation as the database continue documenting regime shifts around the world.

Juan C. Rocha

Juan investigates critical transitions: from regime shifts in ecosystems to collective action in society.

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